Hi there! So you want to add a piece to the 128kb challenge? That’s amazing!

Formal Parameters

Well, first of all you need to know the formal parameters, so there are a few rules you have to follow to get your work accepted.

file format.gif
durationmax. 128 frames
filesizemax. 128kb
colormax. 128
ToolsProcessing, p5.js, canvas, openframeworks, shader, webgl


We really appriciate every single upload, it’s great that took the time to create something for this platform! But we also try to keep the conceptual quality of the works on this platform as high as possible and that’s why unfortunately we can’t accept and upload all works that people submit.

Technical weaknesses and strenghts

In the past we have received many works that were interesting from a solely technical perspecitve but lacked an original idea and/or an interesting thought. Also the technical quality beyond surpassing the rrequirements is very important. Some submissions were also quite weak from a technical perspective: Some gifs could have been looped perfectly (so that you do not see a beginning and an end), but instead have hard cuts.

Visual weaknesses and strenghts

Conceptual weaknesses and strenghts

We really celebrate work that takes the limitations of the medium into account, that try to express something.


Everything clear and set? Then let’s go!